Is the me, Onepointer. I like to being with you to share something, which may from the present world, past or future some times with funny and quotes etc . But I have one problem that I can’t write, so I choose my own way to speak you with some pictures, illustrations or something like that.

According to a Chinese proverb ( One picture is worth ten thousand words ) a picture tells a story just as well as a large amount of descriptive text. It expresses the matter very deeply and helpful l to understand within a shortest time.

Yes, I am not asking you to spend your long time with me. Just visit and take a look, it’s enough. Here the concepts being made only by point of my view . Your opinion may quite different from it, especially in news. So you can leave your comments about each one. I appreciate that and I hope it will help me to improve myself.

Thank you for visit me and I request you to come again. -Onepointer